The Soil Stabilization Innovations line of polymers are the number one most reliable soil stabilization chemicals. Applications include but are not limited to runways, landing pads, supply roads, base camps, and so much more. The United States Military know they will achieve superior results when they apply Soil Stabilization Innovations engineered polymers.


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Soil Stabilization Innovations has been used successfully numerous times with in-situ soils to construct strong durable runways whether it be in theatre or on-base. It has been reported that Soil Stabilization Innovations polymer treated runways will sustain daily landings from planes as large as a C-5.

Landing Pads

To prevent "Brown Outs" or FOD Soil Stabilization Innovations polymers are used to construct the landing pad. The landing pad becomes a tough, durable, dust free area to land that will stand up to the onslaught of high winds and refueling truck traffic.

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Supply Roads

Supply roads are vital to keep the supply chain going. If the road deteriorates and is in bad condition it can drastically slow down supply. Our line of dust control products will stabilize the roads and keep them in good shape. Preventing ruts and washboarding so vehicles can maximize speed and prevent cost and timely repairs.

Base Camps

Untreated soils within and on the outside of a base can become airborne and be more than a nuisance. It can affect the health of personal, malfunction sensitive mechanical devices and equipment, and contaminate living quarters. With just a light treatment of our Soil Stabilization Innovations Polymers we can keep dust from becoming airborne.

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