Dust Control Plus, is the ideal method for controlling dust at construction sites, mine tailings, and building pads and roads. It is a low cost, high performing solution for all your dust control needs. Many companies in the dust control industry have resorted to using paint wash for dust control. These paints will dry white and have silicates that will re-enter the airstream when their bond is broken. Dust Control Plus does not contain harmful silicates and is actually cheaper than the paints when factoring in longevity and application rates.

Dust Control Plus, when applied, will penetrate into the soil, bonding the soil particles, and binding them in place. The treated area becomes very resilient to wear and our unique elasticity ensures the road will survive the onslaught of vehicular traffic, rain, snow, and various conditions that can wear down a road. The product is non hazardous, dries odorless, and transparent.

Soil Stabilization Innovations is the leading soil stabilization company around the globe that offers lab-tested advanced polymer-based erosion & dust control products, which are used in numerous industries for a wide range of applications.

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Dust Control Plus Recommended at Marine Corps Base at Twenty Nine Palms Following Unbiased Tests.


Eliminates Fugitive Dust

One application of Dust Control Plus will eliminate fugitive dust for up to years. It bonds the soil particles together and creates an environmentally friendly laminate over the surface.


Increases Safety

On construction sites Dust Control Plus will knock down PM10 and PM2.5 levels. This will create safer working conditions by eliminating dust that can enter peoples respiratory and increase visibility. When used on a road it will eliminate dust and keep the traction of roads stable even while wet or in raining conditions.



Dust Control Plus is price restricted to maintain that it is the best value on the market when compared to like traditional products. With the volume moved we are able to work off of smaller margins. Make sure to get a quote from us if you are currently using other products and experience the value in our Plus Pledge.


Reduce Man Hours

One simple application will reduce the need to have a dedicated crew to control dust. You will no longer need to constantly water areas to reduce fugitive dust. Also it will cut down on equipment costs and equipment repairs.


Environmentally Friendly

Our Soil Stabilization & dust control products are manufactured with the strict considerations to our environment. Rest assured our products are not toxic and do not contain harmful byproducts.