Thanks for visiting our website. We would be honored to assist in your Dust Control Program, Soil Stabilization needs, Erosion and Sediment control, and Haul Road Management programs. Our line of dust control polymers  are environmentally friendly and will make your areas dust free, while strengthening the soil fabric, increasing the compressive strength and the load bearing capabilities of the soil. It’s an easy application that can be applied by any equipment capable of spraying water. Applications can last years, practically eliminating the need to apply water or the need to re-grade roads, as the surface will have strength levels in the range of 5MPA. This will lower labor cost, equipment repairs, improve air quality, and lower the carbon footprint of the site. You will notice a pay back within a few months in comparison to traditional means of controlling fugitive dust.  We feel proud to be known as best soil stabilization company across the globe. We have been on the ground for decades and have developed the best formulations and designed the best application rates.

Our business strategy to success is repeat business. We are able to work off of low margins offering our customers the best dust control products at the lowest cost. If you already are currently using another chemical stabilizer please let us provide a quote and conduct tests between our products and theirs so you can see that we are not only the best priced but the best solution.

Areas we commonly treat are:

  • Dust abatement, virtually every soil and every need.

  • Oil Rig/ Construction Pads

  • Roads / Heavy Haul to light duty access roads

  • Helicopter Landing Pads

  • Hydro-Seeding;

    It expedites seed growth while stabilizing soils and sediment

  • Tailings / Stockpile Capping

  • Erosion Control – Slope / Berm Stabilization

  • Aircraft Runways

  • Helicopter Landing Pads

  • Pm2.5 and Pm10 dust control

Why Soil Stabilization Line of Polymers:

  • Our R&D team of chemical engineers

    have developed the best products

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Increases Load Bearing capabilities of soil

  • UV protection added to increase durability

  • Improves traction of soils even when wet

Why Soil Stabilization Innovations:

  • Over 20 years in business

  • Best application procedures

  • 24 hour contact

  • Local representation

  • We honestly and genuinely want to do right by our customers.

     Ask us about it!

  • Expert advice and friendly customer service

  • Access to Engineers that can help see your project through

  • Consistency in all of our products

  • Annual Customer appreciation events

     where techniques and product lines are discussed



 The United States Military know they will achieve superior results when they apply Soil Stabilization Innovations engineered polymers.

Historical Sites

Soil Stabilization Innovations proudly support historical sites. We understand that preserving history is vital.


Our Soil Stabilization Innovations line of polymers are the perfect solution for stabilizing any soil related project in the golf industry


Our Soil Stabilization Innovations line of polymers have been assisting mines reduce airborne particulate matter for over 20 years.


Soil Stabilization Innovations line of polymers have been used to construct roads around the world.


Our Soil Stabilization Innovations line of polymers are strong enough to be a runway with in-situ soils.

Parking Lots

Soil Stabilization Innovations line of polymers perform exceptionally well in constructing parking areas.

Erosion Control

Soil Stabilization Innovations line of erosion control polymers work effectively to protect slopes and embankments from Erosion. 

Oil & Gas

Soil Stabilization Innovations line of polymers are the perfect solution for oil roads, oil pads, storage areas, and even frac pond lining.


When considering applications to keep fugitive dust off of photovoltaic panels consider Soil Stabilization Innovations . The buy back a site receives in efficiency and maintenance is nearly instant.


Soil Stabilization Innovations line of polymers are commonly used on construction sites to control dust and reduce water usage.


Soil Stabilization Innovations polymers have been used for dust control / soil stabilization on numerous BMX tracks throughout the United States.