Gravel roads are the untreated roads with no surface protection material. They are a huge problem for vehicles and often lead to traffic congestion. The gravel and dirt roads when subjected to water or wind result in potholes and erosion if not addressed in time. Therefore to avoid the dust release, gravel road soil stabilization is important. Stabilization helps reduce surface deterioration and contributes to the road’s stability. Soil Stabilization Innovations offers a wide range of products that help in stabilizing the gravel roads and effectively deal with the problem of dust. The road stabilization polymers increase roads’ durability and offer the following major benefits :

It Provides Strength to the Road

The top layer of the gravel roads when subjected to wind or rain ends up being completely washed out, leaving the roads with potholes. Additionally, road stabilization plus strengthens the base of the road. After the use of stabilizers, the road requires minimal maintenance. The polymers used, make the roads safer and stronger when exposed even to freezing conditions.

It Reduces The Emission of Fugitive Airborne Dust

The main concern with gravel roads is the dust emittance by the ongoing traffic or human activity. The dust can lead to reduced visibility and it also has a negative impact on the local ecosystem. To tackle that, road stabilization plus provides tensile strength to gravel roads that virtually eliminates the problem of dust.

Reduces Soil Loss

The gravel road soil stabilization also helps in reducing the soil depletion. The roads treated with road stabilization plus have better bonding of the soil particles which increases their strength to withstand the wind and other extreme climate conditions.

Makes Road Safer

A treated road is safer for everyone. The stabilization plus consists of environmentally safe chemicals that work on the principles of nanotechnology. This increases the load-bearing strength of the roads and makes them suitable for traveling. Also, it helps in reducing the wear and tear of vehicles due to the unevenness of road-surface.

Reduces the Water Penetration

The roads treated with stabilization plus eliminate water penetration and conversion of the surface to mud. The roads stay hard even when wet. This makes the roads useful for day to day and other on-site work purposes. It also helps in speeding up the on-site work, site efficiency, and working conditions. 

Overall, the gravel road soil stabilization leads to a better quality of the soil. The road stabilization plus comprises of 55 to 60% active solids that are non-hazardous and non-corrosive. The polymers once used, eliminate the future requirement of maintenance. It works well with the in-situ soils and increases the strength and moisture resistance of roads. It improves the site efficiency and usefulness of the road during the wet weather. The road stabilization plus is an environmentally safe and successful product that delivers outstanding results.

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