Good quality soil helps in construction of roads, airfields, and controls dust pollution. Soil is considered an essential of life, which consists of solids, liquids, and gases that provide a habitat for organisms. With time, the soil quality deteriorates due to various reasons, therefore, soil binding is important. Soil binding is the process of applying soil stabilizers to the soil surfaces so that it holds the top layer of the soil and prevents the dust emission. As soil structure majorly influences the water and the air movement, soil binding is highly vital. The soil binding holds the following significance

  1. Nutrient Supply 

The soil binder mix offers different types of nutrients to the soil that increases the relative strength of the soil. With the use of such products the soil strength triples that leads to the formation of healthy soil. 

  1. Water holding capacity

The use of soil binding products significantly helps in construction, controls soil degradation, and desertification. The soil bonded together has a water holding capacity that releases most of the water and makes the soil strong. The soil with better water holding capacity makes it easy for building airfields, roads and mining purposes. 

  1. Reduces Erosion

When the soil is loosely bound the wind washes away the upper layer of the soil. With the erosion of the topsoil, the nutrient-rich layer is gone leaving the soil useless. The binding product helps in holding the soil together to avoid the washing away of topsoil by water or wind. In addition, it increases the tensile strength of the soil and modifies the soil microstructure. 

  1. Reduces the fugitive dust emission

Lack of moisture in the soil that is insufficient to hold the soil particles together also leads to fugitive dust emission. This emission can be through the action of wind or vehicles. The use of soil sustaining products comparatively lowers the dust emission by binding them in place. 

     5. Increases the load-bearing capacity of the soil

The binding products increase the density and shear strength of the soil, as a result of which the bearing capacity of the soil increases. By the use of such products the soil particles form a gel-like structure and develop a compact mass that helps the soil to bear the load.

  1. Ground instability

The use of soil binding products helps in the subsidence sinking or settling of the ground surface. The ground instability occurs due to numerous reasons, unhealthy soil/loose soil can be the other reason for such subsidence.

The soil binding products help in maintaining the bond between the soil particles under stress that reduces the disintegration and ground instability in the soil. The Soil Stabilization Innovations offers a wide variety of soil binding product such as dust control plus to modify the soil micro structure and binds them closely. The dust control plus penetrates deep into the soil bonding the soil particles in place. This increases the soil quality and reduces soil loss. With the use of the soil binding polymers, the soil can be used for construction purposes, building airfields, mining and building roads.

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