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The use of Soil Stabilization Innovation’s dust control, soil stabilization, and erosion control polymer have been of great help in the construction industry. Some of Soil Stabilization Innovations purpose is to put a stop to escapee dust that always leaves the ground surface during construction.

When it comes to road construction, experts have voiced out that Asphalt and concrete are the mhttps://soilstabilizationinnovations.com/introduction/soil-stabilization/ost frequently used materials. However, in regards to dirt, gravel, and other intense haul roads, concrete and Asphalt do not give the proper result that is needed. However, getting heavy construction jobs done, the kind of materials that will produce a good result are chlorides, oil, and Chip Seal.

Note that all these materials that are needed for road construction have their own plus and minus side. When these materials are put side by side with Soil Stabilization Innovations polymers, these materials have some negatives.

Let’s look into each of these materials and do a quick comparison with Soil Stabilization Innovations soil stabilization or dust control polymers.


When chloride chemicals are stirred or mixed, it makes the soil dense, and this is very important to the stability of soil. It prevents dust emission and it controls soil moisture.

Moreover, roads constructed with Chlorides cannot stand the test of time due to the weight of heavy vehicles. This means the cost of maintenance will increase on regular basis.


Oil is another well-known material for road construction with the popular name “Bitumen”. It is extracted from crude oil during the refining process. Bitumen or Oil serves as a fastening agent when it comes to road construction jobs. Bitumen or Oil produces durable, firm road surface that does not release dust into the air.

Oil is attributed to many problems. It turns into a degenerated road surface especially in local areas during the process of drying and it is also poisonous to plants on road edges. Due to that, it is more expensive compared to the road constructed with chlorine.

Chip Seal

Recently, Chip Seal, majorly in local areas, has been a durable substitute of asphalt for road construction. It is simply derived by mixing just a layer of asphalt mixture together with a fine and stabilized soil aggregate layer; therefore making it less expensive and stronger.

Chip seal has a long lifespan and less expensive to asphalt. It is actually more costly than other methods or road constructions mentioned earlier.

Comparison between Road construction solution and Soil Stabilization Innovations stabilizers

Despite the fact that Soil Stabilization Innovations’s polymer-based road construction solution execute better than other methods, their inner features are sufficient to make them anyone’s original choice. Listed below are a few important attributes of Soil Stabilization Innovations spoil stabilizers:

  •    It secures the environment and also trims down carbon trail
  •    It has power over dust release by 95% percent
  •    It has the ability to withstand tough climate circumstances and the normal vehicular onslaught
  •    It is empowered with water resistance
  •    It increases trimming, bearing of load and tensile potency

Soil Stabilization Innovations polymers make road construction, as challenging as it is, a less difficult task. Speaking of its strength, its durability, economic advantage, our dust control polymers possess a good grade on every vital factor to give the best road construction solution. Get to know more about Soil Stabilization Innovations line of dust control products, visit our website.



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